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We all know that when we strive for that perfect all-over tan, it involves a complex pattern of constant maneuvering bikini straps and bottoms, not to mention the need to move with the angle of the sun. We all strive for that perfect all-over tan year-round whether we’re away on a beach vacation or simply taking a hike out in nature. Here at Blankkini, we’ve solved all pesky tanning problems and designed the perfect way to tan in style.  We have redefined the tanning process allowing you to rock your own flair from our array of unique prints and styles. Our swimsuits allows you to enjoy your time in the sun whether you’re sunbathing, swimming, playing sports or any outdoor activity.

Our cutting-edge Smart Fiber technology makes Blankkini 20% more elastic and flexible than any other fabric available on the market. The result is a form-fitting and slimming swimsuit with a breathable Dry Fit technology that is lightweight, refreshing, and dries three times faster than the standard swimwear. In addition, our unique fabric has proved to have excellent durability and endurance when it comes to the challenges of sun, chlorine and salt.

We’ve brought together the expertise of designers and tech professionals from around the world to perfect our one-of-a-kind swimwear. Introducing our very own patent: A tan-through swimsuit that allows penetration of the sun’s tanning rays. And the best part? Our material offers protection from burning the skin! Our design team of global swimsuit and fabric designers perfected the combination of swimsuit fashion with the dream of a line-free tan.

Blankkini’s Secret

Blankkini perfects a full-body tan straight through your suit while protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Our Smart Fiber fabric allows tanning rays (UVA) to penetrate while blocking most of the sun’s harmful rays (UVB), which are responsible for causing sunburns. Achieve an effortless, all-around beautiful tan while looking and feeling stylish no matter where the sun takes you. 

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Blankkini Design

Designed in our Smart Fiber fabric, our fashion-forward collection is modern, trendy and chic. We offer various styles— from one-piece suits, halters and thongs to bandeaus, mono-kinis and everything in between, there’s a Blankkini for everyone. Our diverse styles bring out the best in every body shape and for any personality. 

Blankkini’s Journey

Blankkini is Israeli-established (patent pending) that took prestigious time and dedication from designers from Italy, Canada, England, the United States, Germany and France.
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