Breast Cancer Month: A Guide to a Breast Self-Exam

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Blankkini is proud to join the movement with a step-by-step guide on how to properly examine our “girls.” We believe that regularly checking in our breasts is an essential way to find breast cancer early while familiarizing ourselves with our bodies.

This simple process can make a huge difference down the road of our long-term health. As you should check your breasts on a daily basis, we highly recommend doing a thorough examination a few days after finishing your menstrual cycle. During this time, your breasts are tender for a better and closer look for any symptoms or changes. If you have a period tracker app or journal, feel free to take any notes for anything you notice.

You can then take them to your doctor or gynecologist for a further check-up. Let’s get started! Begin standing in front of a mirror— shirtless, of course. Take a look at your breasts and nipples straight on. Look for any changes in symmetry, size, shape, or texture. You can then lift your arms fully extended upwards and observe their symmetry a lot better. Now, to manually check your breasts we recommend either doing this process lying flat on your back or in the shower. When doing this in the shower, the soap and water makes it a lot easier for gliding throughout your breasts.

On the other hand, when examining on your back, gravity flattens your breasts down making them easier to feel. Once you’ve found a proper and comfortable place for your self-examination, place either hand behind your head and use your finger pads to manually feel throughout. You want to feel your entire breasts including the area from your collarbone to your nipple. It’s important to look out for any stiff lumps, puckers, ridges, or dimples. In addition, be observant of any changes in shape or texture. Be sure to take note of any swelling, soreness, redness, or even rashes.

Choose your own pressure level around certain areas as you please. Repeat with the other side. Keep in mind that you want to be mindful when doing this and never rush! We hope you found this blog helpful with important insight into your breast health. At Blankkini, we value self-care and health, and we hope to share more with you in the future! Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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