How to Set Your Goals in 2021 and Achieve them


2021— a fresh new year, a fresh new start. As we say goodbye to the holiday season and 2020, we set new and positive intentions for another year of life. Out with the old, in with the new. Whether you’re looking to attain a new skill or wanting to break unhealthy habits of any kind, goals allow us to work towards what we want to accomplish in life. Goals come in all shapes and forms and can take any form of achievement. But there’s more to goal-setting than you think– check out our tips on how you can set yourself up for success this year!

Set “SMART” Goals

Successful goal-setting starts with being:

Being specific with your goal is making sure you are able to come up with a game plan and everything it entails to achieve success. Measure your goals by tracking your process and reflecting upon it. This allows you to make any positive changes along the way. Making sure your goal is attainable brings a realistic approach to your goal. Although it’s true to dream big, make sure have everything it takes to bring it to life.
There’s no sense in creating goals that are not relevant to you. Be sure they mean something to you and you have all the right reasons to set them. And lastly, making sure your goals are timely allow you to set a realistic timeline for you to plan and take action.

Come up with a game plan

First things first, create your game plan. What are the steps do you need to take to achieve this goal? What are the tools that you need? Compiling a list of your strategies allows you to see the bigger picture of your goal. Be sure to create your environment to set you up for success. Surround yourself with people and the necessary space to help you be inspired and motivated.

Take action

And the most important part— to actually set out for your goal. Once you have your strategy and everything you need to move forward, get to work. Find self-discipline and anything that allows you to stay focused. Although it’s easier said than done, be consistent and persevere through the hardship and tough times. The work will definitely be worth it.

Celebrate yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself throughout the journey. Celebrate both big and small accomplishments throughout reaching your goal. This allows you to stay present and appreciate your hard work. Remember, you are human and you are enough.

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