Directions for perfect results with Blankkini swimwear.

Certain previously unexposed areas of the body, usually covered by swimwear, will be naturally more sensitive and prone to burning than regularly exposed skin. Therefore, gaining a tan on these areas tends to take a little more time and patience than usual tanning.

Accordingly, we highly recommend that in order to ensure a uniform tan, you should apply a high factor sunscreen to the regularly exposed areas of skin for the first couple of times you wear the swimwear.
It is important to note, that each skin tone responds and reacts differently to sun exposure and tanning,
Blankkini swimwear filters out the harmful UVB rays of the sun to prevent redness and burning, allowing you to stay out in the sun longer. We therefore recommend that you apply sunscreen to exposed skin to prevent gaps in the color that may become red in the sun, like the parts not covered by Blankkini swimwear, allowing for a deep, all over tan.

75% of the sun’s tanning rays can penetrate Blankkini swimwear.